What is Cans on a String?

Cans on a String Pty Ltd (ABN 45 163 078 957) is a Cairns based business. We provide affordable communication solutions specifically for small businesses in Far North Queensland.

We provide a full-featured Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) located in our own data centre. The phone handsets at your site communicate back to the host system via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This allows you to have professional phone system functionality without high upfront investment and without phone system installation in your office.
Our aim is to make your phone system literally as easy as "cans on a string" for you, so you can use it to its full extent to develop your business.
Unlike the major telcos you will never be locked into a contract, you will always speak to our local support team, all costs will be clearly explained and you will also benefit from the latest technology and system to keep your business ahead of the rest.

Check detailed features of our solution: Features and Benefits


Cans on a String VoIP Hosted Phone System