Cans on a String here for Cairns’ Small Business Community (1 June 2013)

Cans on a String is a new business offering affordable phone system solutions specifically for small business.
With the vast number of small businesses in Cairns new venture Cans on a String quickly identified a gap in the market. “Complex telephone systems are definitely needed when it comes to larger businesses , but when it comes to small business with 2-10 staff there’s no need to make such a significant investment”, says business owner Michael Selig.
Currently many small businesses do not have a professional phone system or are opting for online and Cloud based solutions. They are low cost but lack the full functionality of a professional phone system and the on-site support and service that can only be offered by a local provider. “That’s why Cans on A String is here to offer our region something different. We can provide small business in our region an affordable solution with local customer service”, says Michael.
“It’s great to see a new offering tailored for small business in Cairns”, says Kim Kelly, Manager of the Business Enterprise Centre, a support service for small business in our region. “The reality is small business must always be weary of cashflow and expenses so the introduction of an affordable solution to our market is always a great thing”.
Cans on a String will offer local support with no lock in contracts and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, something that online providers can’t match.
An ambitious venture with significant investment Cans on a String is here to prove even micro business can take advantage of IP telephony and its favourable calling plans, even before NBN becomes available and without big investment.
“We have a team of local specialists with many years of telecommunications and IT experience. And we know well the specific situations businesses here in FNQ face – weather, power outages, service offerings based in Brisbane or overseas. We’re here to say we’ll make it easy and take care of it all for you, at a low cost” says Michael.
Cans on a String has made its debut into the market in May 2013. For any questions or enquiries please contact 07 4049 2222 or visit
For media enquiries please contact: Michael Selig at or 07 4049 2222.
Cans on a String - we take care of it for you