Critical Information Summary: VoIP Plan


Service Description

The VoIP Plan provides cloud based telephony services over the Internet. It allows 2 concurrent calls at a time inbound or outbound to the public phone network via numbers hosted on the Cans on a String virtual PBX platform.

Minimum Term

No minimum term

Service Inclusions

  • 2 x concurrent calls
  • 1 x included Direct in-Dial number (DID)
  • Free calls between Cans on a String users
  • CLID over-stamping (Number presented on outbound calls)
  • Local / national calls included

Service Exclusions

  • Priority Assistance Service (this is a service designed to help people with diagnosed life-threatening medical conditions who depend on a reliable, fixed-line home telephone service to be able to call for assistance when needed)
  • Inbound Call Reporting
  • CDR Call Reporting
  • 1900 / 1194 / 1196 numbers cannot be called from this service

Important Limitations

  • This service will not work if there is an interruption to your internet connection. That includes dialling emergency numbers (000).
  • CLID over-stamping is supported for registered and verified numbers only

Important Qualifications

To use the service you will need a high speed (ADSL2+) business grade internet access connection and a modem/router.



Cans on a String recommends that this service is only used on a dedicated Internet connection that is capable of supporting the bandwidth required for 2 concurrent calls.



All Prices include GST

Installation Charges

$ 120.00

Minimum Monthly Charges

$ 70.00

Maximum Monthly Charges


Common Call Charges

Local / national


Australian mobile

$0.15 per minute – billed in minute increments

13 / 1300

$0.25 per call untimed


Starts from $0.06 per minute – billed in minute increments


Find our international call rates at

1800 / Emergency 000


Inbound calls to your 1300 / 13 numbers

$0.09 per minute – billed in minute increments

Inbound calls to your 1800 numbers

$0.12 per minute – billed in minute increments


$0.50 per call untimed


$2.20 per call untimed

Travel Charges

For locations further than 10km from Cairns CBD, QLD, 4870, travel charges apply. We charge $ 27.50 per 15 min travel time.

Other Charges

If one of our suppliers raises its prices in the future, this may result in the cost of your service increasing. We will let you know 1 month in advance when this happens.


3.     BILLING

First Bill

The figures in this Critical Information Summary are for a full billing cycle but your first bill may include pro rata charges for part of the month if you started or changed your plan part way through a billing period (calendar month).


Your first bill will include:

  1. Charges for part of the month from when the service was activated until the end of that billing period
  2. The minimum monthly charge in advance for the next billing period
  3. Any additional charges for non-recurrent items (e.g. router purchase)
  4. Calls charges for calls made during that billing period

Monthly Bill

On the same day of each month, you’ll be billed in advance for the minimum monthly charge, as well as for use during the month.



Customer Service Contact Details

Our customer service can be contacted on

during business hours: Mon to Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding public holidays.


For emergency support outside business hours please call 07 4049 2222  (charges apply).

Dispute Resolution

To log a dispute, please contact our customer service.

This is a summary only – the full legal terms for the individual components of the Cans on a String service are contained in your terms and conditions at .


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