VoIP Plan

If you already have a VoIP ready phone system and want to save calling cost by adding a VoIP trunk, our flexible VoIP Plan may be the right choice for you:

Features  All local and national calls included

Features  2 concurrent calls with the option to add as many concurrent calls as you need

Features  1 x included Direct in-Dial number (DID) with the option to add as many DIDs as you need

Features  Free calls between Cans on a String users

Features  CLID over-stamping (Number presented on outbound calls)

Features  No minimum contract period

Depending on the number of concurrent calls you need, you will need Business Grade ADSL2+ or better as well as a suitable router. We can provide both for you. Please check the tabs below for options and pricing.

Please find our detailed prices below and check the Critical Information Summary.


The price for your VoIP Plan consists of an upfront cost and monthly fees. See details in the table below. Everything is transparent and simple, so you can calculate your total upfront and monthly cost easily.

If you need more direct in-dial numbers or concurrent calls than your plan provides, you can add as many as you need at the charges provided below.

To taylor your VoIP Plan to your specific needs, please contact us for a detailed quote!

Prices - VoIP Plan

All Prices include GST

Upfront Cost

Monthly Cost

VoIP Plan

$ 120.00

$ 70.00

Additional Direct in-Dial (DID)


$ 5.00

Additional Concurrent Call


$ 35.00

We have different router models depending on your requirements. You have the option to either purchase or rent it from us.

In case you decide on a rental, your equipment will be covered through our onsite maintenance agreement which gives you the peace of mind that you don't have to pay for repair or replacement of faulty equipment.

See details in our terms and conditions.  

Prices - Routers

All Prices include GST



 Upfront Cost

 Monthly Cost

 Upfront Cost

 Monthly Cost

Billion BIPAC7800 Router Router: Billion BIPAC7800NL


 $ 15.00

 $ 190.00

 $ 2.00

 Billion BIPAC7800NXL Router NBN CompatibleRouter: Billion BIPAC7800NXL NBN - $ 15.80 $ 199.00
$ 2.10

Draytek Vigor 2830ns Router Router: Draytek Vigor2830ns


 $ 40.00

 $ 580.00

 $ 5.60


You will need business grade ADSL2+ for good voice quality on your VoIP line. If you do not already have it in place, we can set up a plan for you.

Also you will need to retain at least one traditional (PSTN) line (see our terms and conditions for details). We can set up a basic line for you to meet this requirement.

If you have an existing phone number that you want to keep, it will need to be moved ("ported") to us.

Prices - ADSL2+, NBN, Lines and Porting

All Prices include GST

Upfront Cost

Monthly Cost

Business Grade ADSL2+ 200GB

$ 120.00

$ 90.00

Business Grade ADSL2+ 500GB

$ 120.00

$ 120.00

NBN 50/20 200GB

$ 120.00

$ 120.00

NBN 100/40 500GB

$ 120.00

$ 150.00

Basic Line (PSTN)
Please note: The basic line has different call charges, for fees see Basic Line Call Charges

$ 60.00

$ 39.00

Porting of your existing number
Prices vary depending on complexity

Porting Details


For all pricing, please also check our
Critical Information Summaries.

Please find our charges for phone calls below:

Prices - Calling Cost

All Prices include GST

Local calls


National calls


Calls to Australian mobile phones

$ 0.15 per minute
billed in minute increments

1800 / Emergency 000


Inbound calls to your 1300 / 13 numbers

$ 0.09 per minute
billed in minute increments

Inbound calls to your 1800 numbers

$ 0.12 per minute
billed in minute increments


$ 0.50 per call


$ 2.20 per call

International calls

International call rates

Basic Line (PSTN) calling rates

PSTN call rates

For all pricing, please also check our Critical Information Summaries.